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Treatment Gun only challenge? (gOnE wRoNg!) - Garena Free Fire

Hello welcome back what’s that another video on the update insane we’re truly milking this update for as many views

Name of the gun the new gun challenge alright you can see the title when I find the gun I’ll tell you alright they please I don’t have a weapon man dude I’ve been running around for like legit the past 10 minutes trying to find.

That stupid weapon you know if you could just give it to me I’d be very pleased oh wow I found treatment gun cool it is one of my so do the treatment god only challenged oh you stupid all right so the first round when they’re pretty well.

If you ask me a few moments later treatment gun again wow this game actually wants me to do a treatment gun only challenge I did not sign up for this.

I don’t even think there’s ammo for this gun so it’s about you come out I have one treatment gun Kaley’s go easy or cc oh I see him shit out dude your heart may come back in it’s harder than the pistol when he challenged breath where is he oh he’s right there dude come out I

Don’t even have a med kit what’s he doing I can’t see you in the mad dude alright then cool Oh make it oh shit does a character okay buddy calm down you see I have one treatment gun you’re not gonna kill me.

Alright okay alright you maybe you are maybe you are shit I’m so screwed alright what are you doing what are you doing he’s running over there coo coo coo I see okay.

What’s he doing dude oh my god my dogs just exposing me right now dude I just called him a dog all right I’m just.


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